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Mission of Serpentoxin Laboratories


- Serpentoxin Laboratories will strive to provide venom at an affordable price and will seek to promote further research to enable less financed research a source of snake venom.  The high quality venom is collected and processed under laboratory conditions utilizing modern technology and methodology to insure a pure and potent product.

- Serpentoxin Laboratories pledges to advance medical research of diverse snake venoms and to identify the various benefits and their potential medical significance.

- Serpentoxin Laboratories is dedicated to provide education by becoming a leading source of information for students who have an interest in snake venom and venomous snakes

- To promote awareness for the ecological and medical importance of venomous snakes.

- Our interest is to include immunotherapy using snake venom to produce an active immunity, immunological cross resistance between antibodies produced by different venom types, and the potential influences of snake venom on the immunological responses to differentiated and undifferentiated antigens and processes.

- It has been established that snake venom holds the keys to certain physiological processes and receptors. It is our belief that the potential uses and keys contained in venom are vast and the research into this area is still in the beginning stages. We are now only recognizing the need for further research.

- It is our mission at Serpentoxin Laboratories to continue and promote this involvement.

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