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About Serpentoxin Laboratories

Serpentoxin provides snake venom for medical research. It is our purpose to meet the needs for such research. We eagerly welcome request from all bona fide researchers and will strive to meet all venom supply needs. Please take the time to look over all these pages and become familiar with our mission. 

Serpentoxin Laboratory is located on twelve acres in a remote area of Central Florida natural habitats. There are acres of pine and palmetto that is the natural habitat for the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake and numerous other species.  The land slops down and is backed by a slow moving creek and swamp. Then followed by miles of swamp. All this provides a natural habitat for Florida’s fauna.   

This land and its natural hammocks provide a sanctuary for many varieties of Florida’s wildlife. Bear, deer and wild turkey frequent the hammocks here, as they find retreat and sanctuary. There are also many varieties of Reptiles and Amphibians. In addition to the Eastern diamondbacks, Water moccasins and Pigmy Rattlesnakes are common inhabitants here. The many types of Reptilia and Amphibia that inhabit these lands would make for a subject of interest and study for students of Herpetology. 

This land was destined for destruction by residential development, but is now being restored to its natural qualities with the intent of a continual growth in size and quality as we strive to obtain neighboring undeveloped land. 

It is in the belief of Serpentoxin that Man should learn to live with and promote all of the Natural environment. This effort must be towards all facets; not only those that are desirable and believed to be beneficial to him.  We should have, by now, realized that Man could never be a judge, but should only be a curator to aid in these processes. It will be the future, itself, by and through the “hand” of the creator, which will judge Man’s stewardship of all that is entrusted to him.

The emphasis of Serpentoxin is venomous snakes and the venom produced by them.  These serpents are examples of creatures that have long been thought of as a nuisance. They are usually killed at every given opportunity, let alone, rarely given consideration for conservation. 

Modern medicine is only beginning to recognize the uses of the toxins contained within even the most dreaded species. These toxins are not only dangerous substances, but they also hold keys to numerous physiological receptors.  Keys that fit as, if made for an intended lock. To unlock or rather lock out such undesirable physiological effects as pain or treat neurological and immunological disorders. These also provide means to map out physiological and neurological channels and processes. 

Perhaps Man is destined to be the continual student of learning and forgetting that which he should have already known, as he finds his way through his paths paved with mistakes. We must try to consider the “unknowns” as our actions change the future. Just think of the words of one of the earliest students of toxicology.  

 Paracelsus who wrote; “ All substances are poisons; there is none which is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy”  (Circa 1500 AD) 

Medical science is ever continuing to realize the significates of this statement as the potential valuable medical uses of toxins are being discovered. We are also learning more how other substances often believed to be harmless are toxic. It is astonishing of the factual truth found in ancient words such as these of Paracelsus. Today modern medicine refers to this concept as the Dose – Response Relationship

While habitats are vanishing so are these creatures and their valuable assets. Serpentoxin’s emphasis is not a large scale environmental conservation project, but strives to be influential with it’s philosophy as it caries out a goal in providing and promoting a continual source of snake venom.

Below pictures showing future cleared area for future Projects.
Click here to see more pictures of the natural environment at Serpentoxin Laboratory

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