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Venomous Snakes of Florida

         "This page was added to help respond to the numerous local calls that I receive referred by the local sheriff offices and 911 emergency services.  It only includes the species of venomous snakes that are indigenous to Florida, however it may also aid in the identification of species found elsewhere in the United States.  The Cotton Mouth Water Moccasin is found through out the southeastern United States.  Its cousin the copperhead’s distribution continues further north.  The Coral Snake while represented by other species basically look the same.
         There are species of rattlesnakes found throughout the United States.  They are too numerous to list for the purpose of this web site and text; however, they can usually be identified as a rattlesnake by the rattle or by it’s blunt tail when the rattle is missing.  One species found only on the island Santa Catalina is without a rattle.   It is known as the Santa Catalina Rattlesnake.  Species belonging to the Genus Sistrurus are small snakes and their rattle is even smaller in proportion to their size.   The sound produced by the rattle of these species in most cases is not noticed.
        The purpose of this page is not to illustrate a complete distribution range, but to aid in the general identification and to give ”rough” overview venomous snakes found in United States and emphasizing on Florida."

See also: Snake Bites and Envenomation and Brief Overview of Venomous Snakes

Click images to enlarge and read more details about each snake

Florida Cottonmouth Water Moccasin.
(Agkistrodon piscivorus)
The only venomous water snake that resides in North America. Grows to a  length of 24" – 36"> See also Juvenile specimen, noting similarity to the copperhead.
Canebrake rattlesnake
(Crotalus horridus Atricaudatus).
This species grows to a length of
36 " – 48" Max.. 6 feet.
Pigmy rattlesnake,
(Sistrurus miliarius)
Grows to a length of
16"- 21" Max 31",
Neonates are approx. 3" when born.
Eastern Diamondback in striking position.
(Crotalus adamenteus),
This is the Largest rattlesnake which grows to a length of
6" - 60" Max. 8 feet.
Eastern Coral Snake
(Micrurus fulvivus),
This species grows to a length of
20" – 30" Max. 48".
Click on photo to see example of similar looking, non venomous snake.
Southern Copperhead
(Agkistrodon contortrix),
grows to a length of
20" – 30"
Max less than 48"
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