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Florida Watermoccasin / Cottonmouth

(Agkistrodon piscivorus)
 Note: specimens are commonly darker than photo shown.  Sometimes snakes are almost entirely black.  Also note the large head, which is distinct in size from the neck.

This distinction is useful in identifying it from other snakes that are not venomous, such as non-venomous water snakes. The heads of these non-venomous snakes are smaller and there is not such a distinction in size from the neck. The neck gradually tapers into the head.

It should be noted that many non-venomous snakes, such as varieties of water snakes, will flatten their heads in an attempt to make the head seem larger and to mimic the appearance venomous snakes. Careful observation can easily distinguish the difference.

(Note the similar color pattern to the Copperhead.)

Cottonmouth Water moccasin
(Akistrodon Piscivorus)

The Venom of this species is very destructive to tissue and is hemolytic to blood cells. Serious life threaten systemic reactions are not likely in adults who are bitten. The severity of systemic effects is mostly determined by body mass and blood volume. Bites sustained on children, small adults and elderly can be more serious. Local effects at the bite site often lead to permanent scars.

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